Zoho Books


Zoho Books is a “simple, easy-to-use accounting software that will help you manage your business finance in a smart way!”Zoho Books Advisor Badge

It is very user friendly, has a great interface and takes care of everything a small business might need in the accounting department.

“With Zoho Books, you can easily keep a record of all your estimates, invoices, credit notes and even recurring invoices together.Convert estimates to invoices in just a click and use the filter to track invoices which need your attention”.

Cash-flow management and credit control is easier achieved with Zoho Books, by setting up automated payment reminders,connecting your online payment gateway so customers can pay you online.

Zoho Books gives you the tools to make your time and work count, by providing you with features like logging and tracking time, giving role based access to log time, managing multiple projects, add expenses related to an invoice easily.

Set up your bank accounts with Zoho Books once and it automatically imports every transaction from your account, which will help you make well informed business decisions right away.

There is a Zoho Books app for iOS and Android making it super flexible, and allowing you to stay connected to your business regardless of your location.

I think Zoho Books is a great cloud accounting software and I am a Zoho Books Certified Advisor.

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