” Every month FreshBooks sends more invoices than there are hairs on your head.” -I think that says more about FreshBooks than anything else.


FreshBooks is the number 1 cloud accounting software specialising in billing.Started in 2003, it has grown to over 5 million clients in over 120 countries,who use FreshBooks to send, receive, print and pay invoices.   Consultant-badge-1

It is extremely user friendly, easy to work with and super fast.As it is cloud based it is accessible from anywhere, so you are no longer tied to your desk.

If you are a service-based business, FreshBooks is ideal to help you keep track of your work-use it to create estimates. invoice clients, keep track of your timesheet and expenses.

It is fabulous for credit control as well-allowing you to accept online payments, send email reminders and set up late payment fees.

There is so much more to FreshBooks! We love it so much we  attended their fabulous training and become a consultant.

Why not contact us to see if FreshBooks is the software for you?You have nothing to loose, but lots to gain!