Tax Credits renewal

  Tax Credits need to be renewed by the 31 st of July. You can only renew your tax credits if you receive your renewal pack, and that is usually sent before 30th of June.The pack tells you how to renew them-by post, phone or email(only possible if your pack […]

Second Incomes Campaign

The Second Incomes Campaign is a HMRC initiative that offers employed individuals who have additional income that has yet to be taxed an opportunity to bring all their tax affairs up to date.   According to the website: “You can take this opportunity if: you’re an employee you’re resident […]

Competition time

  Everyone loves a competition! They are everywhere: tv, radio, social media.So why would we not host one as well?   Now, I know what you are thinking-you are not crafty, and you are definitely not selling any fancy products so what could you possibly have to give away? Well, […]

Employment Allowance

  From the 6th of April 2014 employers can reduce the amount of National Insurance (class 1) that they pay for their employees by a maximum of £2,000 per year. The Employment Allowance can be claimed  if you are a business or charity that pays employer Class 1 National Insurance contributions on your […]